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Bulk Prodution 

Bulk production refers to the ultimate and real product in the custom manufacture. Most of the enterprises select companies based on their capacity in the Bulk Production Process. This article is written to give you steps of Organic And More Bulk Production Process and its achievement.

Bulk Prodution 

Pattern Process in Manufacture: Crafting the Blueprint

Pattern making and sizing are critical first steps in manufacturing. Our experts at Organic And More provide meticulously designed patterns based on your samples, utilizing computers and printers to optimize fabric use and detail precision.

Ensuring Fabric Quality Before Cutting: Pre-Cut Perfection

Before cutting, we validate the fabric's quality to ensure no defects and prevent shrinkage post-production, including a wash test for size stability.

Sewing Procedure in Production: Tailored to Precision

Our skilled tailors precisely cut and sew the fabric, focusing on each garment's specific parts, ensuring high-quality construction aligned with your brand's standards.

Quality Control Procedure in Production: The Seal of Excellence

Our two-part quality control checks every aspect from fabric to stitching, ensuring the product is ready for dispatch. Post-inspection, garments receive tags, are ironed, packaged, and then shipped globally.

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